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speech therapist greensboro


speech therapist greensboro

Free Consultations

  • 15 minute phone conversation

  • Outline your concerns and determine if voice or upper airway therapy is right for you.

  • Review previous diagnostic testing and recommendations for further testing

  • Answer questions regarding the therapy process

  • Schedule an evaluation if appropriate


speech therapist greensboro
  • 60 to 90 minutes

  • Review of any pertinent medical records relating to patient’s condition

  • This can be done prior to the visit when relevant documents are provided up to 48 hours in advance

  • In-depth interview to gather information on the complaint and its impact on your daily life

  • Acoustic analysis of the voice to collect baseline performance on standardized tasks

  • Education regarding anatomy and physiology related to your specific condition

  • NOTE some patients may be required to pursue an ENT evaluation prior to initiating therapy

Voice Therapy

speech therapist greensboro
  • 50 minutes, 4-8 visits recommended

  •  In-home or virtual appointments

  • Patients can be seen 2x per week, 1x per week, or every other week

  • Exercises tailored to your condition to build consistent strength, coordination, and relaxation of your system

  • Functional tasks tailored to your daily voice needs, for example speaking for extended periods of time, speaking over noise, or self-correcting in conversation

  • Treating

    • Chronic hoarseness or voice loss

    • Changes to singing range

    • Vocal fatigue

    • Pain or strain with voice use

    • Gender affirming voice therapy

    • Accent modification

    • Public Speaking

LSVT Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s

speech therapist greensboro
  • 16 visits required

  • Patients are seen for 1-hour visits, 4 days per week, for 4 consecutive weeks

  • In-home or virtual appointments with acoustic analysis

  • Program guide and homework folder provided to patient

  • Maintenance appointments also available with increased complexity of tasks for patients who have already completed the initial program

  • Treating

    • Vocal loudness

    • Dysarthria/poor articulation

    • Rate of speech

    • Prosody/vocal variety

Chronic Cough/Upper Airway Therapy

speech therapist greensboro
  • 50 minutes, 3-4 visits recommended

  • Patients can be seen 1x per week or every other week

  • In-home or virtual appointments

  • Treating

    • Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction (ILO)/Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD)

    • Disordered breathing that is not responsive to asthma or allergy treatment

    • Hypersensitive airway

    • Chronic globus sensation, aka “I feel like I’ve got something in my throat.”

    • Chronic, unproductive cough or throat clearing

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speech therapist greensboro

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